The World of Bathtub Brand HIDEO, The Most Beautiful Curves

HIDEO’s brand new store opened at a prime location in Akasaka, Tokyo. On the spacious floor, there are tubs with fascinating, elegant curves. A place where variations of “most beautiful curves” are found one after another. It is a showroom of “beauty.”

All the Elements of an Art Piece

The luxury bathtub brand HIDEO has officially launched its business with its newly opened store in Akasaka, Tokyo. On the spacious (550 square meters) floor, you can discover HIDEO’s signature model Infinity, loosely shaped in the mathematical symbol. The distinctive and elegant aesthetic, the custom marble that gives a glamorous feel and the comfortable two-meter-plus length will certainly cater to the taste of the global wealthy community. Indeed, they are the target market of HIDEO (pronounced high-deo), which was named after its founding president Hideo Shimizu.

Ample curves and edgy straight lines of INFINITY are combined in harmony, bringing about one-of-a-kind aesthetic of an art piece. They are manufactured with extraordinary technique.

 TT/1770/ Teatro    A grand sofa-like tub allows three people to be seated comfortably as if in a theater. Whether soaking your feet, basking in shallow water, or bathing in deep water, relaxing moments are guaranteed.

In fact, Infinity has all the elements of an art piece. The very thin frame (only two centimeters at the top edge) gradually flares but finishes with a neat, inward curve at the very bottom. As you may have guessed, the seamless figure of this one-of-a-kind tub is manufactured with extraordinary technique. There is an elaborate process to mold the frame which is then manually finished by craftsmen. Otherwise, such beautiful lines cannot be realized. HIDEO’s tubs are manufactured at different sites in the world where there is the best technique for each model. Infinity, for one, is manufactured in Italy.

HIDEO currently offers thirteen models including Teatro and Arte. These meticulously designed models have something in common: the minimal and intelligent streaks peculiar to a Japanese brand.  All HIDEO tubs are freestanding, which is another feature of its models. Bathtubs in recent homes are not just tools to bathe, but also an important part of home decor that turns regular bath time into a luxurious experience. Placed at the center of the space as furniture, HIDEO’s tubs will enhance the overall bathroom atmosphere. 

 Elaborately and carefully crafted, the frame of INFINITY has only two centimeters thick at the top edge, which is finished in a semicircular shape so that the most-touched part of the frame gives a gentle feel.

AR-1650/ Arte One of the smaller models of HIDEO’s tubs. The internal seat can be useful when soaking just feet or half-body bathing. The other side of the tub allows for deep-bathing with a semicircular armrest built inside the tub. T

All HIDEO’s tubs are designed by Mr. Shimizu. Like many globally renowned home decor brands named after its top leader, at HIDEO Mr. Shimizu makes all the important design decisions. For any home décor brand, the critical part of the business lies in its product design. Thus, it cannot be decided by outsiders. Still, there are only a few brands where the president actually plays the role of the chief designer. HIDEO’s manufacturing style reminds many of the passion of Carrozzeria Sports Cars where vehicles were designed by its co-founding president.

Like Designing a Car

In fact, Mr. Shimizu is a car enthusiast. His design process is similar to that for a car, using clay modeling for full-scale prototypes and completed after multiple fine-tunings. The sensitive aesthetic cannot be rendered if designed only with 3D design software.

Hideo Shimizu : Founding president of HIDEO. Born in 1952, Mr.Shimizu has more than forty years of experience in designing tubs of global standards. Car enthusiast.

Mr. Shimizu founded a separate bathtub brand JAXSON forty years ago and played a central role in developing it into a top brand in Japan. He started JAXSON because, as a young interior design student in Italy, he had realized that a Japanese brand should make the best of Japan’s unique bath culture to successfully compete in the global home décor market. His long career and experience in the industry as well as the cutting-edge technology are reflected in HIDEO’s product design. A bathtub needs to be functional and safe to use, not just beautiful in shape. HIDEO’s tubs are noteworthy for their small curves and ledges inside the tub that ensure a safe and relaxing experience. The custom matte marble is nice to touch as well as less slippery, plus easy to clean daily and UV-resistant, and durable for a long time.

It’s hard to think of a more fascinating Japanese home décor brand. HIDEO is the brand name to remember for your future home.

Text: Joe Suzuki  Photos: Masahiro Okamura

3-3-3 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo JAPAN
Open 10am-6pm  Closed Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays

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(ENGINE September/October 2021 Issue)